Repair Categories and Priorities

Detailed below are the repair categories set out by the Association and the timescales within which the works should be completed.

Emergency Repairs - Completed or made safe within 6 hours

Repairs necessary to prevent serious damage to the building, danger to health, risk safety or risk of serious loss or damage to the occupiers of the property.

Urgent Repairs - Completed within 3 working days

Repairs which seriously affect the comfort or convenience of the occupier

Routine Repairs - Completed within 10 working days

Repairs which will not seriously interfere with the comfort or convenience of the occupier.

Qualifying Repairs

Under the "Right to Repair" scheme, tenants have the right to certain repairs being carried out within a certain timescale, or you can bring in another contractor, known as the secondary contractor, should your repair fall into this category you wull be notified of this at the time of reporting. For more information please contact our Technical Services department at our Rothesay Office or visit the Scottish Government


Repairs that do not fall into the above categories would fall into this category, and should be carried out in a timely manner.