As a landlord we have to work towards achieving the standards and outcomes contained in the Scottish Social Housing Charter. We aim to be open and transparent with performance information in order to enable our tenants, residents and stakeholders measure our performance against key criteria.

The information provided below details our performance information against some of the key areas, provided to the Scottish Housing Regulator for our last financial year which ends on 31st March. 

 Performance Indicator
% of tenants satisfied with the overall service 92.2% n/a
% of tenants who feel their landlord is good at keeping them informaed about their services 97.1% n/a
% of tenants satisfied with the oppurtunities given to them to participate in theor landlords decision making processes 96.2% n/a
% of stock meeting the Scottish Housing Quality Standard 88.6% n/a
Average length of time taken to complete emergency repairs 5.3 hours 6 hours
Average length of time taken to complete non-emergency repairs 8.3 days 10 days
% of reactive repairs carried out in the last year completed right first time 81.2% n/a
% of tenants who have had repairs and maintenance carried out in the last 12 months satisfied with the service 87.2% n/a
% of properties that require a gas safety record which had a gas safety check and record completed by the aniversary date 100% 100%
% of tenants satisfied with the quality of their home 76.9% n/a
Number of cases of anti-social behaviour reported in the last year 153 n/a
% of cases resolved within locally agreed targets in the last year 98.7% n/a
Number of empty properties let 193 n/a
Average length of time taken to re-let properties in the last year 75.2 days 28 days
% of rent lost through properties being empty in the last year 1.4% 2%
% of tenants satisfied their rent offers value for money 87.9% n/a
Gross rent arrears as % of rent due 1.92% 2%