Compensation for Improvements

Under the Scottish Housing (Scotland) Act 2001, Scottish Secure Tenants and Scottish Short Secure Tenants may be able to receive compensation from their landlord for improvements which they have made to their home on or after 30 September 2002.

For you to qualify for this compensation:
• your landlord must have approved the improvement; and
• your tenancy must have ended

You can apply for compensation when you know your tenancy is coming to an end. You can also apply if your tenancy comes to an end because your house or flat is being transferred to a new landlord.

If you were a secure tenant and carried out improvements to your home before 30 September 2002, you will continue to have rights to compensation under the old scheme.

If you require further information on this scheme, contact the maintenance department at the Rothesay office or find out more from the Scottish Government's Right To Compensation For Improvements  

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