Repair Categories

Detailed below are the repair categories set out by the Association and the timescales within which the works should be completed.

  • Emergency Repairs - Completed or made safe within 6 hours

Repairs necessary to prevent serious damage to the building, danger to health, risk safety or risk of serious loss or damage to the occupiers of the property.

  • Urgent Repairs - Completed within 3 working days

Repairs which seriously affect the comfort or convenience of the occupier

  • Routine Repairs - Completed within 10 working days

Repairs which will not seriously interfere with the comfort or convenience of the occupier.

  • Qualifying Repairs

Under new legislations we also have the "Right to Repair". This right entitles you to have certain repairs carried out within a certain timescale, or you can bring in another contractor. For more information on qualifying repairs you can access the Scottish Government's Right to Repair Policy.

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