Rechargeable Repairs

There are some repairs which are rechargeable to tenants. Tenants who request repairs to be carried out that are not the Association’s responsibility to undertake will routinely be advised that such repairs are the tenant’s responsibility.

Where a tenant asks that the Association instructs the work on his/her behalf and that he/she be invoiced
for the work, the Association will try to accommodate such requests.

Where a repair is required to the property due to vandalism, and the vandalism was not caused by
the tenant or a member of the tenant’s household, or a visitor, and where the incident has been
reported to the police, with the Association being advised by the tenant of the police incident
number, the Association will instruct the repair and seek to recover the associated costs through
its buildings insurance policy.

Where a repair is required to the property due to vandalism, neglect or carelessness by the tenant
or a member of the tenant’s household, or a visitor, the Association may view this as a breach of
tenancy and either carry out the repair and invoice the tenant, or require the tenant to make good
the damage to an appropriate standard.

Where a repair is likely to be recharged to a tenant, the tenant will be advised of this at the point
of reporting the repair, or at the time of inspection of the damage, prior to the remedial work
being carried out.

Repairs Rechargeable to Outgoing Tenants
Where possible, when a tenant has given notice of his/her intention to terminate his/her tenancy a
pre-termination property inspections will be carried out by the Housing Department. The pre-
termination property inspection gives the Association the opportunity to identify potential
rechargeable repairs and to minimise expense to the tenant by advising him/her of repairs
required which are his/her responsibility. This practice will also be carried out with respect to
mutual exchange. However, in a mutual exchange recharge repairs are not normally raised as the
incoming tenant accepts the property in the condition it is in and would sign a disclaimer to that

Upon termination of the tenancy a void inspection survey will be undertaken by the Technical
Services Department. The void inspection will enable any rechargeable repairs, which have been
carried out after pre-termination inspections, to be identified on the void inspection pro forma
and a decision taken on the acceptability of the repair.
Any additional repairs that are required will also be noted on the void inspection pro forma.

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