Electrical and Gas Safety Information

Gas Safety

Fyne Homes Ltd, will ensure that as a Landlord they fully comply with our Landlord responsibilities under Regulation 36 of Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998.

In order to meet our obligations, we will:-

  • maintain all gas fittings, appliances (other than those which the tenant is entitled to remove from the premises), pipe work and flues in our properties in a safe condition
  • ensure that all installations, maintenance and safety checks are carried out by a Gas Safe registered installer at least once in every 12 month period by having notification procedures in place to commence 28 days prior to renewal date.
  • obtain a current Landlord’s Safety Record (Form CP1), or equivalent for each of our properties which has a gas supply OR take steps to obtain access to properties for this purpose
  • keep copies of landlords’ certificates for two years.
  • ensure our tenants receive a copy of a current landlord’s certificate for their home within 28 days of the check being carried out by arranging for the contractor to leave a copy at the inspection, or by mail if the tenant is not at home to sign acknowledging receipt during the service visit. New tenants will be given a copy of a gas safety check certificate prior to signing their tenancy agreement.
  • ensure that databases are in place and regularly updated, containing details of all properties with gas supplies

No Access to Properties

Appropriate steps will be taken to ensure that the Association can either obtain a valid certificate within the required period, or failing that be able to prove that it has taken reasonable steps within reasonable timescales to attempt to gain access. Ultimately this may lead to taking steps to gain access to carry out the annual check, with associated costs recharged to the tenant.

Gas Escapes/Carbon Monoxide Detector Activation

If you smell gas in your home, you should:

  • Put out all cigarettes and other naked lights
  • Switch off all gas appliances
  • Turn the gas off at the mains (the main tap is usually beside your gas meter)
  • Make sure you do not turn on any lights or other electrical switches (this could cause a spark)
  • Phone TRANSCO on the emergency number: 0800 111 999

We install Carbon Monoxide detectors in our gas heated properties. If this starts to sound the alarm then turn off your gas boiler and other appliances and call our office or emergency call centre outside office hours.

 Electrical Safety

Most of our houses now have circuit breakers and a Residual Current Detector (RCD) rather than a fuse box. These are more sensitive than fuses and will turn off the supply to the circuit when they detect a problem.

An RCD will turn off the supply to all the circuits it protects, usually the sockets, water heating, shower, cooker, and the overhead lights. Before reporting a loss of power, carry out the following checks:

  • Is there a power cut in the area?  If so contact your supplier to find out how long it will be before the power will be back on.
  • If you have a power card meter, check there is credit on the meter.
  • If there is not a power cut, then check your circuit breakers.
  • Is one of the little switches at the off position? If yes can you push it to on? If yes then problem resolved.
  • If no then you will need to turn off all the appliances connected to the circuit, reset the circuit breaker, then switch them on or plug them in one by one until your find the problem appliance. Double check that it isn’t a problem socket by plugging the appliance into another socket. If the appliance turns off the circuit breaker again then it is a faulty appliance.
  • If all the circuit breakers are “on” check the RCD, if it has turned off then the problem lies in one of the circuits it protects. Turn off or unplug everything on the protected circuits and reset the RCD. Then switch on each appliance one by one until you find the problem. When turning on the cooker, check each ring, grill and oven separately, allowing them to fully heat up.

If you can’t find the problem report it to the Association.

Please note: If these checks are not carried out and the electrician finds a faulty appliance, you will be charged

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