Mutual Exchange - Mid Argyll

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Property Required
Size: 1 or 2 Bed
Heating:Any Except Coal
Type: Flat or House
Area: Mid-Argyll (not tarbert)

Contact: 07840944723

Property Required

Type: Any
Area: Town Centre Lochgilphead

Property Required

Size: 2Bed

Heating: Electric

Type: House/Flat

Area: Lochgilphead (will consider Columba Court or Linnet Court)

Contact: 01546 603801

Property Required

Size: 4 Bed

Heating: Electric

Type: House

Area: Lochgilphead or Ardrishaig

Contact: 07415032946

Property Required

Size: 2 or 3 Bed
Heating: Any
Type: House or Flat Ground floor unless there is a lift
Area: Partick, Scotstoun, Knightswood & Whiteinch - Ideally Bryon Street and Northinch areas
Contact: 01546606755

Property Required
Size:2 or 3 Bed
Heating: Any
Type: Not stated
Area: Inveraray Only
Contact: 07835748679

Property Required

Size: 3Bed

Heating:Not Stated




Property Required

Size: 3 Bed


Type: House A

rea: Port Ellan, Islay (consider anywhere on Islay)

Contact: 01546321033

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