Mutual Exchange - Bute

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Property Required
Size: 1 - 2Bed
Heating: ANY
Type: Flat/ House
Area Preferred: All considered

Contact: 03456077117

Property Required
Size: 2 Bed
Heating: Gas Central
Type: Flat/ Cottage
Area Preferred: Sea Front Rothesay

Contact: 07941754299

Property Required
Size: 2 Bed
Heating: Any
Type: Bungalow
Area Preferred: Foley Park

Contact: 03456077117

Property Required

Size: 1 or 2 Bed
Heating: Gas Central Heating
Type: Ground Floor Flat with Garden 
Area Preferred: Rothesay Town Centre,Eden Drive,Bush, Barone Rd.,Ladeside Place

Contact: 01700 502748

Property Required

Size: 3Bed
Heating: Gas
Type: Any
Area Preferred: Ballochgoy or Town
Contact: 07545470809

Property Required:

Size: 1Bed or 2Bed
Heating: Any
Type: Bungalow/House or flat in a good area
Area Preferred: Kilchattan Bay or nice area town centre

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