Money Skills Argyll

 Money Skills Argyll is a three year, £3.75 million project which is joint funded by European funds and the Big Lottery. It will focus on achieving an increase in disadvantaged participants with improved money management skills; and a decrease in disadvantaged participants affected by debt as a barrier to social inclusion.

The aim of Money Skills Argyll is to work with those who are

• living in a jobless household - households where no member is in employment, all members are either unemployed or inactive

• living in a single adult household with dependent children - households where no member is in employment, all members are either unemployed or inactive.  Dependent children are aged 0-16yrs and 16-24yrs if inactive and living with at least one parent

• those who are on a low income in employment - income below 60% of the national median, 2015/16 figs £288 a week for a couple with no children

We provide training and support to help people take control of their own futures by helping them to manage their household budgets, access financial services online and to shop around for the best energy deals available to them.

We provide debt advice to help people manage their finances and keep their spending habits on track. Most of all, we help and encourage people to remove the barriers and obstacles which debt and money worries have put in the way of them living active lives and participating in their local communities.

By helping people before they reach crisis, and supporting them through the money management journey, we want to help people to fulfil that ambition of everyone in Argyll and Bute being able to live, healthy, active and independent lives.

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Money Skills Argyll develops an individual action plan for each participant based around the following elements :

Debt Advice, Money Management, Money Advice, Income Maximisation, Digital Inclusion and Fuel Poverty .

This help is provided by a range of partners – CAB, Bute Advice, Carr Gomm, Argyll Networks, ALIenergy, ACHA, KYES, HELP and Argyll and Bute Council Adult Learning Department.

Fyne Homes, West Highland Housing Association and Dunbritton Housing Association are part of this project via our welfare benefits service Argyll Networks .

Argyll Networks is part of the Money Skills Argyll project which will be running in the area until 2020 we are able to offer clients help with Money Management and Income Maximisation and we will refer on to our partner organisations for help in any of the other project areas.

Please call us on

Dunbritton Housing Association – Anna Murray on 01389 761486
Fyne Homes Housing Association- Margo Allan on 0345 6077117
West Highland Housing Association- Diane MacDonald on 01631 566451

If you wish further information on the project please see:

Twitter: @moneyskillsABC
Facebook: Money Skills Argyll

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