Common Buildings Insurance Policy

Our current annual premiums for the current period 1st April, 2021 to 31st March, 2022 are:-

Residential Properties :  

Insurance Premium    =   £49.08     

+ Admin Fee   =  £17.92        

Total  =  £67.00      

Commercial  Properties:  

Insurance Premium    =   £150.76  

+ Admin Fee   =  £  17.92     

Total   =  £168.68

 A Summary of  Cover in respect of the common insurance policy is available on request, which includes details of the current level of cover.

 (Please note should you currently have your own Buildings Insurance in place Fyne Homes will require a copy of your up to date policy, if at anytime you wish to be added to the block policy, please contact us on 0345 052 0039 and this can be arranged.)

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