Gigha Science Week

On Thursday 30th March, Fyne Homes joined the pupils and staff of Gigha Primary as part of their science week.

Along with pupils, family and friends, Craig Baxter – Tenant Participation Officer  and Karen Hilton – Fyne HEAT energy advisor, learned about Chromatography – using Skittles... Discovered how your senses work - using fruit, marshmallows and chocolate... Learned about various rock formations, with the aid of Mars Bars, Crunchies and Blue Ribbon biscuits…. Found out how chocolate solids turn to liquid and back again by making Rice Crispie cakes and finally watching a demonstration on how to make tempered chocolate, with the chance to sample some delicious chocolate bunnies….

The event was great fun and also very informative, with all that attended showing great enthusiasm.

A presentation of chemistry sets to two young innovators was made by Craig Baxter to Ruby Beagan and Bailey Bannatyne for their upcycling ideas of Book / Magazine files made from old cereal boxes and spare wrapping paper and a peg bag made from an old coat hanger and an old t-shirt. 

The day was rounded off by an Easter Egg hunt which was sponsored by Fyne Homes.

All in all it was an eggcellent day!

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