Consultation Documents

Our tenants have a right to be consulted on key Policies and proposals that may have an impact on them.

Section 8.4 of the Scottish Secure Tenancy agreement (SST) that our tenants sign up to states that we will consult our tenants when we propose to make or change: 

  • Policies regarding housing management, repairs and maintenance if the proposal is likely to significantly affect tenants
  • Proposals for changes in rent and service charges
  • Proposals for the sale or transfer of our housing to another landlord
  • Performance standards or targets in relation to housing management repairs and maintenance
  • Our tenant participation strategy

We will take into account any views that tenants have before making a final decision. Any consultation with tenants will include giving tenants comprehensive information in an accessible format and reasonable time to express views.

Latest Consultation News

August 2020 - Tenant Consultation – Annual Performance Review 

Your views matter.

Fyne Homes is looking for feedback on its Annual Performance Review. Please click the link below to view last year's Annual Performance Review

Please feedback any comments or ideas on how you would like Fyne Homes to format or improve their next Annual Review Report by email to by 12pm Friday 28th August 2020.

The main areas for consideration are:

Layout – what do you consider to be the best way to layout the information provided?

  • Content – what information would you like to see Fyne Homes report on?
  • Photos  – would you like to see more or less photos? What would you like to see?
  • Graphics – what way would you consider the best use of graphics to relate information?
  • Quality – the cost of the Annual Review is always considered. For example, Do you feel a professional standard of report is necessary or would an in-house printed version suffice? Would an Annual Report the same size as the newsletter be adequate?
  • Any other comments?

Your comments, ideas and proposals will be forwarded to committee for consideration and following the committee meeting an update will be provided.

The input of tenants into Fyne Homes policies and decision making is of paramount importance and your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and efforts in assisting Fyne Homes aspire to be the landlord of choice in Argyll & Bute.

Updated New Tenancy Questionnaire Consultation May 2020

Following internal discussions it was decided to update the New Tenancy Questionnaire.This document was sent out to members of the consultation group of comment.

A 25% response rate was received which is fantatstic.

The feedback was positive as can be seen by the comments:-

‘I'm happy with Fyne Homes, I have no complaints or issues’

‘The questionnaire is clear and understandable’

‘Personally I am not keen on paper letters (such as the ones we get after some maintenance is done). I would be much more likely to complete something online. it might be good to allow tenants to choose how they would like to give feedback’

‘I think the whole document is very precise and in my opinion needs very little change, the layout is easy to follow and the questions asked are all pertinent to what the new tenant would have experienced prior to signing up and during the prevailing 6 week period since they moved in’

‘Have read through the questionnaire, and all makes sense and couldn’t think of anything else to ad’.

‘I have looked at the draft paper work you sent me , I am happy  with the forms in question’

Following the consultation it was decided that the updated version of the New Tenancy Questionnaire will be adopted by staff and also in the current climate and moving forward the questionnaire will also be available electronically on Fyne Homes website.

Common Factoring Policy Consultation May 2020 

In line with legislation the Common Factoring Policy was sent out for consultation. In total the Policy was sent to tenants and factored owners

Feedback was received from an 11% response rate, which for a consultation is above average.

Comments included:-

‘it seems to be all in order’

‘Looks good to me’

‘I’m happy with policy content’

‘Read and understood no feedback to add, all is well’ 

‘I have had a look over the document and all seems well laid out, concise and is formatted well’ 

‘This document reads clearly’

Satisfied with the way in which maintenance in general is dealt with’

 ‘We feel house owners should be consulted on proposed works and costs (estimates) to their building prior to any work proceeding’

In answer to the last point raised:-

"As stated in the policy we consult with owners when works are in the excess of the maximum amount set out in our Written Statement of Factoring Services/Deed of Conditions.  At present this is works over £500.00.  It would be impractical and have an adverse impact on our service delivery if we were  to consult with owners for all works.  It would also require much greater resources and have the knock on effect of increasing our management fee"

These comments have been passed on to Management and Committee for consideration and feedback will be given to the group once the policy is finalised.

If you would like to be consulted on any Fyne Homes Policy changes and wish to be part of the Consultation Register contact Craig Baxter on 0345 6077117 or

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