Scrutiny Panel – Voids and Hard to Let Properties

A tenant led scrutiny panel was set up on Bute to look at areas of performace. The meeting was held on, 26th March and looked at Voids and Hard To Let Properties, including consultation on the Void Management Policy.

Some great discussions were held by the tenants and a lot of good ideas came forward which were passed on to management and committee to consider.

The main points raised were:-

  •  Relatives of tenants that die during a tenancy are unsure of what to do.

The solution is that Fyne Homes have introduced a new 14 day grace period from paying rent and this commences from the date of death of the tenant. Fyne Homes will now also provide an information pack to relatives of deceased tenants to assist them with the conditions of the end of tenancy.

  •  Fyne Homes should look at knocking smaller properties especially bedsit and 1 bed hard to lets into bigger properties.

This idea has now been implemented with 2 hard to let properties, 1 x bedsit and 1 x 1 bedroom flat in Columshill Street being altered to become 1 x 3 bed, much needed family property. Other properties have been surveyed with plans for alterations to more properties.

Suggestions from tenants, which led to these positive outcomes, help shape Fyne Homes policies and procedures and this tenant led approach is invaluable to the organisation and a big thank you goes to those tenants for their input and for giving up their time to take part.

If you want to be part of Fyne Homes Scrutiny Panel contact Craig Baxter on 0345 6077117 or

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