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Call Recording

Call Recording FlyerFyne Homes is introducing a call recording system from 1st December where calls may be recorded. The primary reason for doing this is to maintain good communications between our staff and our customers by both building on our customer service and also creating a record of the call.
Fyne Homes prides itself on the good relations we already have with our customers but sometimes it can be hard for both parties to accurately recall the contents of a call and also gives us the opportunity to address something that maybe isn’t quite right.  Call recording will also be very useful as a training tool when new members of staff join the organisation.
You can request that your call is not recorded by asking to be transferred to an unrecorded extension, just let us know as soon as you contact reception or alternatively you can contact us by email, letter, face to face or try our new social media channels –Facebook and Twitter.
When making payments by card, the recorder software recognises a payment is about to take place and applies automatic suppression so the card details aren’t recorded.  Calls are held securely and will have permissions applied so that nobody can listen to a call other than the member of staff involved and their manager without due reason. You can also request access to calls you have made.
The call recorder uses very strong encryption and is located within our secure server room so calls stored cannot be tampered with and will be routinely held for 12 months before being deleted, unless the call is involved in any ongoing matters or demonstrates exceptional service for training purposes.

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